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Wuxi Hongren Electronic Material Technology Co., Ltd. always adheres to the spirit of "integrity, hard work, and enthusiasm", adhering to the customer-first management philosophy, and strives to create the best quality for customers. At the same time, the company pays special attention to all-round cultivation of talents, provides employees with suitable career development opportunities and ideal working environment, promotes the improvement of the quality of all employees, builds an elite team, and cultivates a good corporate culture.

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Job details

Operations technician
Automatic and semi-automatic equipment operation, check the operation status of ccl or PP and timely follow up and feedback abnormalities.
Senior high school, technical secondary school with above degree, can adapt to shift work, strong logic.

Interview address: No. 26, Xiqin Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi

Interview phone: 85342899

Interview time: 13:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Bring documents: ID card + pen + Xikang code + mask

In the wind and rain, we are here waiting for you.

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